Payment options:

1.      Bank transfer

2.      Credit card payment

3.      PayPal

4.      Personal delivery in our shop with credit card or cash



 Shipping options:

Delivery charges in Hungary:

Payment on products:                              Shipping rate:

1-14.999 HUF                                       990 HUF/ delivery

over 15.000 HUF                                       free
Export delivery and payment conditions:
Skandi Trend Ltd undertakes shipping abroad, our delivery partner is

We ship to the following countries:
Home Delivery:


Austria (DPD) 3200 Ft
Belgium (Belgian Post) 3900 Ft
Bulgaria (Speedy) 4100 Ft
Croatia (DPD) 3200 FT
Czech Republic (Czech Post) 2700 Ft
Denmark (Post Nord) 5000 Ft
Estonia (Omniva) 4500 Ft
Finland (Post Nord) 8200 Ft
France (Colissimo) 6900 Ft
Germany (DHL) 3000 Ft
United Kingdom (Hermes) 3900 Ft
Greece (Geniki Taxydromiki) 4500 Ft
Ireland (Hermes) 5200 Ft
Italy (GLS) 5300 Ft
Latvia (Omniva) 4500 Ft
Lithuania  (Omniva) 4500 Ft
Luxembourg (DPD) 8600 Ft
Netherlands (DHL) 4200 Ft
Poland (Poland Post) 2600 Ft
Portugal (MRW) 4200 Ft
Romania (DPD) 3100 Ft
Schweiz/Lichteinstein (Schweiz Post) 5900 Ft
Slovakia (Slovakia Post) 2500 Ft
Slovenia (DPD) 3200 Ft
Spain (MRW) 4000 Ft
Sweden (Post Nord) 6400 Ft
Ukraine (Rosan) 4400 Ft
USA (FEDEX Economy)  26.000 Ft


Belgium (Belgian Post) 3900 Ft
Bulgaria (Speedy) 2300 Ft
Croatia (Croatia Post) 3000 FT
Czech Republic (Packeta Group Pick Up Points) 2100 Ft
Denmark (Post Nord) 5100 Ft
Estonia (Omniva) 3200 Ft
Finland (Post Nord) 6400 Ft
Germany (Hermes) 3600 Ft
Greece (ACS) 6400 Ft
Latvia (Omniva) 4100 Ft
Lithuania  (Omniva) 3200 Ft
Netherlands (DHL) 3900 Ft
Poland ((Packeta Group Pick Up Points)) 2100 Ft
Portugal (MRW) 3900 Ft
Romania ((Packeta Group Pick Up Points)) 2100 Ft
Slovakia ((Packeta Group Pick Up Points)) 2100 Ft
Slovenia (DPD) 3200 Ft
Spain (MRW) 3900 Ft
Sweden (Post Nord) 5100 Ft
Ukraine (Nova Postha) 4500 Ft

How your order is packed

All orders are packed and sent to you directly from our own shop in Hungary. We have many years of experience in packing fragile interior products, including glass, porcelain and furniture. We use specialized packaging like bubble wrap, heavy paper, and strong cardboard boxes. We also recycle a portion packaging from our incoming goods – if it has a good enough quality. Nonetheless, should something break, then of course we will compensate for it. Please just contact our customer service, who will be glad to assist you. Please attach a photo, which shows the damage.
When we pack your order, we will include the invoice  in the box. It shows a list of the items that are sent (without prices or amounts). An invoice will be sent to your e-mail, when the order is sent.
We look forward to packaging and shipping your order!


2. Personal delivery:


Skandi Trend shop:  16 Hegyalja Street, Budaörs

Opening hours:

Monday: closed

Tuesday: 10.00-15.30

Wednesday: 10.00-15.30

Thursday: 10.00-15.30

Friday: closed

Saturday: 10.00-13.00

Sunday: closed